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The entrance to Wildernest Inn

One of many deer on the property

The view from the deck of the Inn

This was the first of the six bears we saw.

Playing in the cedar chip box.

Oh, that feels sooo good

Their play toy


Stewart & Kathy




A paw shot

I'm big and beautiful

Shaking paws with Stewart

Coming up on the deck

Can I have this dance?

Ah shucks!

Love the paws!

Hanging out


Covered in cedar wood chips, they repel insects.

Scratching an itch


Cutting across the deck

Their pond below the inn

Greeting one another

What a gorgeous animal

The end!

Wildernest Inn near Petersburg, WVA is a very special bed and breakfast. It's a wild life sanctuary way back in the woods. The owners, Steward and Kathy have been there for about 9 years and have over the years developed relationships with about a dozen black bears. They do not feed them so they are indeed wild bears who have become acclimated to humans that they encounter on the property. We were not allowed to wander off of the decks and above all were not allowed to feed them. They meandered around the property to include the decks where we were. One of them came within 4 or 5 feet from me on the deck and would have come closer if not stopped by one of the owners. What a magnificent experience to see these gentle giants up close and personal.

We had an outstanding meal while there and found Steward and Kathy to be great hosts who were a lot of fun to be around. We would like to return and spend more time there, and likely will during some future visit.

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