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Natural Bridge

Unusual Yellow Farm

Black Necked Crane


Unknown Crane

Unknown Crane

Whooping Crane, North America

Golden Crowned Crane, Africa

Hurray for air-conditioning! We awoke to 89 degrees this morning and news of thunderstorms, hail and tornados in Minnesota. Thankfully, those conditions haven't moved this way yet, but it has been hot all day (in the 90's) with 90% humidity, I think. This was a travel day as we left Spring Hill and headed NW across Wisconsin to meet up with some of Dave's Norwegian cousins. I thought there wouldn't be many pictures to share, but on the way, we passed a beautifully kept one room schoolhouse from 1889, took ahike through the woods to look at a natural bridge under which indians lived 12,000 years ago, (we didn't anticipate such a long walk.), and stopped at a Crane Sanctuary in Baraboo which is dedicated to breeding Whooping Cranes and displayed about 8 different species of cranes from all over the world. Cranes, as wetland creatures, are endangered all over the world and this sancutary is hoping to make the world aware of their value and the need for preservation. The differences between the species were fascinating! By the way, Baraboo is where Ringling Bros started. We are recouping here in Eau Claire in a suite, no less, doing laundry and enjoying the luxury.

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