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Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ?

Hi all, friends & family,

We're back home and unloading, cleaning, washing and polishing the camper, our RV (Recreational Vehicle) or roling home.

We have been driving 11.160 km. and had no major problems, PTL !!

And as you have been able to see in the pictures, we have had very bad road conditions, never the less the RV worked effortless. The only extra thing we did in Belgium was go by Carglass to get a little spot fixed.

On one of the last locations, we had a rainbow just in front of our door, shining into the lake......Bert didn't think he could get the pot of gold out of the lake, at the end of the rainbow, so we went on............

The weather in Spain and France was getting very windy and at home improving, so we decided to go home. In Belgium we visited friends and tried to get an appointment for my (Dini) brainscan (control for my surgery, 2 years ago). That wasn't possible on such short notice, so in 2 weeks we hope to get back to Belgium and get it done than.

The trip has been very succesfull and nice, we made several new friends and are looking forward to the autumn trip to Syriah and Jordan.

But first Melle, Michelle, Eliah & Josiah will come over to visit Opa & Oma. They'll arrive on the 20th of July and will return on the 20th of August.

4 weeks later we'll leave for Hungary, where we'll meet the group for the next trip of 60 days, end of November we'll return again by Italy.

We'll keep you all updated again.

We thank the Lord for protecting us on our trip, in sometimes difficult and dangerous situations, but He was in ctrl !

Till later, Bert & Dini Zwerver

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