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The shepherd hearding his flock

he can call all he wants, but I'm taking a break!

a great place for a swim

After 5 days in Porto, it was time to get back to a bit of nature, so we headed to the spa town of Geres, within Peneda Geres National Park. Now we thought Luso had an abundance of water, but 5 minutes in Geres told you that Luso, relative to Geres, had small amounts of free flowing water. Needless to say, it was flowing everywhere in Geres and not always in places that townsfolk wanted it to flow.

Following hiking route #6, we encounter no one during a steep climb, then as we crest the ridge, we hear hollering, whistling and a lot of bells clanging in the distance. A convenient time for a break, we thought, and maybe figure out what all the racket was about. 5 minutes later, we are surrounded by mountain goats, who look at us suspiciously, but continue their grazing unfazed. Soon enough, a single shepherd (the one making all the racket) shows up with his trusty dog, herds the remaining goats in the correct direction and instantly we are back in quiet nature.

Tomas took the 4km detour to the waterfall and Julia had a leisurely walk back to an incredible room with a veranda overlooking the valley. Maybe we'll do this again tomorrow!


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