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fuck me what a day. had no plans in particular so went and booked to go to trang (on the way to malaysia). after paying i got chatting to an american dude called brad and we decided we wanted some action so went and hired some bicycles (the word bike here means motorbike) and just decided to head off in a random direction until we couldnt go any further! about 15 kilometres later, having seen some amazing jungle and beach views we decided to head towards a cave. once there we hired a guide (4 quid) then went trekking with him about 500 metres up a cliff (total walking distance about 2 miles each way). the caves were amazing, full of thousands of bats (no exaggeration!) and in the middle of the jungle. absolutely amazing day and totally unplanned. went for something to eat then piled our bikes in a tuk tuk (motorbike with side car and a bench) and headed back here, several hours after leaving.

travelling is amazing just for experiences like this. i mean, when does this sorta shit happen at home? 3 more months of travel and after all my amazing experiences with aline i really thought i couldnt hope for more. fucking amazing. once again, im a lucky lucky boy!! too knackered to type anymore, im gonna go chill.


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