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hey. not much to say today. i'm still in phra ae, not really doing much, just sitting here collecting my thoughts and each day realising new things. i noticed that i was really really talkative this morning so challenged myself not to say a word to either myself or anyone else out loud for 6 hours (dunno why 6, just seemed a good target). ended up staying schtum for about 8 hours and just used the time to do lots of writing, went walking in the rain, did more writing, more rain, more writing. think u get the general picture. sounds really boring but as i wrote earlier, only boring people get bored. was really helpful i think, just helped me gather my thoughts about loads of different things, both regarding this trip and my life back home. gonna stay here 1 more day i think, just a good place to save money, but wanna spend some time on the beach, actually do some swimming. not gonna do any trips here cos the prices are way ott, 900 baht for a 1 hour elephant trek! ok, its only 18 quid, but for 1 hour??? i wanted to do 3 days but its like 300 quid!! so looks like im just gonna wander around here, book my coach to either trang or satun, depending on how i feel tomorrow.

see, told u i didnt have much to say, most unlike me!!

oh yeah, meant to say im now planning on spending a few days on langkawi, then heading straight to kuala lumpa then flying straight to malaysian borneo. i need to see orang utans!!

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