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Burbank is a fascinating city in the state of California. I went to see Burbank in my weekend. It was a wonderful journey. I went there for two days. I also booked a hotel which was among the Burbank hotels. When I reached there I rested for some time. After that I went out for the tour. Firstly I went to see Burbank Spa and Garden. It is nestled in a restored landmark building and European owned since 1964, this full service spa has been beautifully renovated in an Italian old world style by the Finnish owner, who is also a third-generation masseur, and it offers services such as massages, facials, nail care, and body treatments. Secondly I went to see D'Argenzio Enoteca Tasting Room. This tasting room features award-winning wines from the D'Argenzio Winery, which focuses on the region's three primary red varietals: Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. They make their wines with simple Old World methods, such as gently pressing the grapes in a hand-operated 100-year-old press, aging the wine between 12 and 22 months, and using only the very finest French and American oak barrels. After this I was a bit tired. So I returned back to my hotel for a rest. I had my dinner and I went to sleep.

Next morning I was very much excited as I was going to see Warner Brothers Studios. If you love movies and have a genuine interest in the industry, I strongly recommend that you take the 5 hour Deluxe Tour (USD 195 at time of writing). I must commend Warner Bros and their tour guides for presenting such a great tour, which is indicative of a passion for movie making and a genuine desire to share that passion. Our guide certainly shared his passion for the industry, and made you feel like a personal guest of the studio. This is an excellent tour, which takes the whole day, including a high quality lunch in the Warner Bros Fine Dining Room (3 courses with restaurant quality food and table service). (They also offer a 2.25 hour tour which costs USD 45). Your guide will be a highly experienced and knowledgable person who has a passion for movie making. The tour is entertaining. However, it is a serious tour, in that it presents a great deal of information about movie making and television production. The focus is on sharing with you information about the art and craft of movie making. You visit the working studios, including having the opportunity to walk through the sets for television shows which are in production. It is a quite different experience to the Universal Studio tour, which is focussed on an entertainment experience. Also, you are able to spend time in the Warner Bros Museum, where there are many fascinating exhibits. This is a long tour, and they convey you around the studios in a buggy. This tour is expensive, and hence you will be in a smaller group- there were 7 persons on the day I took the tour. This means the guide has more time to talk with you and explain the movie making process. Also, this tour runs less frequently than the regular VIP tour; therefore, I recommend you book in advance. I highly recommend this tour for anyone with a serious interest in the movies. If you don't share that interest, then this tour may not be for you. After this I came back to my hotel and I returned to my home city.

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