2010 Summer Trip travel blog

An overlook before getting to the park.

It's not Smokey. He would have never let them burn.

This was supposed to have been a controlled burn.



See the waterfall way off.


Who are they?


Bridalveil Falls

El Capitan

One of the extras

Yosemite Falls

More snow. We're heading for the beach.

Left Thursday, May 13, to drive further north, close to Yosemite National Park. We plan to stay in a small town named Coulterville. We needed a few groceries so I drove into Mariposa. The drive to there was not so bad. But, the turn north on Hwy 49 was a different story. The road was steep and curvy with no guardrails or shoulders. The road was OK but it was a bit scary for me. The 20 mile trip took about 2-1/2 hours. I decided then I was not going out of the valley the same way I came in.

Once we got down into the valley we found that we did not have cellular service and of course I did not have internet. We did have satellite TV though.

The trip into Yosemite National Park was much different from Sequoia. Just after getting into the park we were surprised with the view of the bear. I was driving so I didn’t get a view personally. Donald saw it. I made him get out of the car, go back, and take a picture. While we were waiting in the car Peppy must have gotten the scent of the bear. He got in the floor and hid until Donald got back in the car.

A little further down the road we began getting disappointed. I had forgotten about the fires they had last fall. Almost all the trees along the western entry to the park were burned.

When we got into the valley, near Yosemite Lodge, the waterfalls and cliffs made the trip worth it. They were beautiful. There were a few extra falls because of the runoff of the melting snow.

The redwood and sequoia trees, those that are left, are small in comparison to those at Sequoia NP. We didn’t stop to take pictures of those.

When we got back home we found that the campers next to us were from Habersham County Georgia. They had been on the road for a month and were headed home next. The lady was shocked when I said we had been on the road a month and had about two more to go.

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