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Just leaving the RV park



Check out the cars







Boy is it cold.





That's Donald in the tree.

We drove into Sequoia National Park this morning. Of course, when we first left the RV park we could see snow on the mountain, something about us wanting to see the mountains.

They were doing roadwork inside the park. They were letting people through a one lane section only at the top of the hour. We were lucky, we had to wait about 10 minutes to get through.

The real scenery started after the roadblock. The giant redwoods were everywhere. They are truly massive. When you look at the pictures pay close attention to those with people and cars in them. You will get an idea of how big the trees are.

Many of the roads were still closed for the winter. We couldn’t even get into the parking lot for the General Sherman tree. Someone was rude enough to even take out their lawn chairs and have a picnic. I hate to think what it would be like during the summer months.

Rather than trying to go back the same route we took a state route pack to camp, Hwy 245. It was very steep and curvy but we didn’t have any traffic pushing us down the hill.

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