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back in ko lanta now, but need to update quickly on last few days.

after my last entry had a fantastic evening out with aline, neil and suzie (the couple i mentioned last time. We'd meant to have a meal and then go to a bar or club but ended up having a great meal then went and bought some drinks at 7eleven (them beer, me fanta grape flavour) and made our own little bar out of 2 benches on the beach. really really lovely evening, although tinged with sadness for me as aline was going home the following day and i was heading to ko lanta. missing her more than i'd like to admit but just spending my time here sleeping and writing, trying to get my head round some stuff and work out wht im doing with my life.

i've been invited by the couple who own my hotel to go and with them to nakhon si tammarat tomorrow. they're just opening a restaurant there and have kindly offered to show me around the place and take me to the temple (one of the biggest in thailand apparently). after that im heading to trang for a few days then finally malaysia. yeah, i know i keep saying im off to malaysia soon but have been offered an opportunity to see some real thailand by lovely thai people so id be a fool to turn down the chance. malaysia can wait, it aint going anywhere, but i am :D

soz, hoped to put some photos on today but bloody computer wont let me! bastard!!

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