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10th May

Travelled. Emma and I got on our packed lunkch before the bus even left at 8am. We got to the Cambodian border crossing and ran into trouble. The two lads from London had bought electronic visas as the border didn't have the technology to read it. We had looked into getting the same as it meant we didn't have to send our passport off to be physically stamped in a visa but read that it's only suitable if you fly into the airport. They had obviously overlooked that.

We sat on the border for around an hour in the sweltering heat and then it started to rain. I mean properly rain. We all covered our bags and huddled to the tiny pieces of cover but it was futile and we all got drenhed. Had a good laugh. After Charlie putting up a good fight we realised it wasn't going to happen so the lads have to get a bus back south to where we've just came from, spend a day sorting out a visa, miss out on what were doing and then pay for hotels and a flight out to meet us on Wednesday. 

We went on without them, same deal arrive, check in, shower. Then a few of us took a boat tour of the delta. Didn't het to see much of the actual geography of the place but we did see a lot of stilt houses, even a stilt pen with pigs in it. We stopped at our guides house where he lifted up the slats on his pourch and underneath was a multitude of fish. It was all connected to the river but they came when he put food in for them. Some people tried catching them with our bare hands. Kat did well. We then stopped at a little village and a few people joined i  with a volleyball game that wa going on. I was photographer. 

Afterwards we got a cyclo tour to a street place a bit out of the way where we had the opportunity to try snake, bat and rat. Bat and rat just tasted like generic meat BBQ'd in something nice but it was a lot of work picking through the bones to get a piece of meat. Also the form of the bat was freaky, like a mini ET and I think I had the spine of the rat. Snake on the other hand was just so chewy you had to put the whole thing in your mouth and I couldn't actually hew through it so didn't swallow it. The harder I bit the more grizzle I seemed to be cruhing but nothing else. At least i know for next time.


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