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I woke up feeling a little seedy this morning, but still ate breakfast. The toast tasted dry and was hard to eat, but I managed.

I got ready and said my goodbyes to Christian who was moving on today. I got his email so hopefully we can meet up in Sweden.

We had to get two buses but it was well worth it, Venice Beach is beautiful. I was in need of some fatty food and bought a hamburger and fries (the fries were just like hot chips at home). The food hit the spot and the beach view was great.

Feeling full and my stomach settled I could now look through the markets. The people just hassle and hassle you, between the people trying to force their CDs on you or sell you medicinal hash it gets a bit much.

There were some nice things in the markets, but they were awkward to travel with and unfortunatley I couldn't buy any of it. I did however buy a baywatch outfit, complete with little red lifesaver shorts and a matching white singlet.

I did the baywatch run on the beach and had my photo on the baywatch lifesavers lookout.

We continued to the end of the markets and gave our feet a natural pedicure walking on the sand. We walked to Santa Monica Beach. It is just so beautiful, god how I love the beach.

The pier at Santa Monica has an amusement park. We stopped in at a souvenir shop where I bought a collection of postcards to frame.

It was so lovely to sit on the beach, great views, beautiful weather it was heaven. We were entertained by a family and their dogs on the beach.

Next we headed to the Promenade, which strangely isn't as close to the beach as I thought it would be. I have to walk everywhere with my eyes closed so I don't spend all my money.

After the Promenade we decided to call it a day and found a bus stop. You know a road is long when your on the bus for an hour and stay on the same street.

Back at the hostel I got in my comfy trackies, made some dinner and I really am having an early night tonight (there are no Swedish boys to keep me up).

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