Wild Hogs Road Trip 2010 travel blog

Thought we finally caught a break in the weather..left this morning under blue skies and warm weather headed to the incredible roads of WV. About two hours down the road, it was apparent that our good luck was about to go south. You know the weather map when you see the red and yellow crap (the bad stuff), we rode under that most of the day...rained like a son-of-bitch. This is my second time touring west Virginia, and both times it was constant rain. Remember that Lou? Starting to think, I bring the rain to west Virgina. Oh well, that is all part of M/C touring, you have to take the good with the good. Anyway, we stopped at a gas station to don the wet suits and we met our new best friend Mark. His claim to fame is the he is a real life HOBO and has ridden the rails for the past 8 years, living out of McDonald's dumpsters. We think he is authentic as he explained in detail the technique he used to board the boxcars. He was rather rotund so he must have gained weight since he ran to catch the boxcars. Unfortunately, we rode on some beautiful back roads but my goggles kept fogging up so it was hard to see the scenery. Wound up this evening, after only 125 miles under our belt,, in Lewis burg, WV. Beautiful little down with lots of history, none of which I know. Bobby and I are having a great time in spite of the weather and I know tomorrow is going to be beautiful and sunny. Good night from the Two remaining Hogs.

P.S. still can't share any pictures but I will present the picture of me and the HOBO upon request

P.P.S. Damn, I forgot to tell you about the highlight of the day,next to meeting the HOBO. Bobby had always wanted to visit the New River Gorge bridge since he was a youth. Well today he got his wish. Sounds like the "make a dream come true foundation". This is the highest suspension bridge in the world (except for the one in China which is higher). It is a spectacular sight rising over 1000' over the New River Gorge.

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