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White pelicans - I never did get a photo of them in...

Mallard - his mate is behind the bush.

This Great Blue Heron was on the shore near our campsite much...





Female Horned Lark. She was busy feeding a chick nearby. They nest...

Sunday night we had a little rain and a beautiful double rainbow.

Mexican veggie quiche we had for dinner Saturday.

Stuffed French toast - now that's a breakfast!

(Ron Writing) After three days of almost continuous high winds at Stine Cove on Isabella Lake, we decided we’d had more than enough of the wind. There seemed to be an almost continuous 20 to 30 mph wind but also periods when it was higher with what must have been at least 50 mph gusts. Almost everyone gave up camping there but us. We were fine inside the trailer since we were parked with a direct “tail wind”. Sometimes it was very difficult to hang onto the door while going in or out.

We just stayed indoors most of the time and worked on the computers, read, and played games. Elena also did quite a bit of cooking.

On Sunday we attended the Kernville First Baptist Church. It’s a small church that is very friendly and welcoming. They have a new young pastor who is a very good preacher. The piano player was outstanding, her daughter played the organ, another daughter sang a solo, and her husband had a solo part in the choir. We’ve visited many many churches the past three years but have never heard a better piano player.

We enjoyed the view from our lakeside campsite and often saw Great Blue Herons, ducks, and other birds. The white pelicans were fun to watch – they are so beautiful and graceful when they fly – sometimes high and in formation – sometimes just skimming the tops of the waves.

This morning we left Stine Cove since we needed water, propane, and relief from the winds that seem to be worse at that spot on the lake than anywhere else in the area. We are back at Halfway Campground where we spent a few days about two weeks ago. We got our same campsite back and we’re the only ones camped around here tonight so it should be nice and peaceful also. We’re right beside the Kern River and it’s running higher and faster than it was a couple weeks ago. The road north of here to the higher elevations should be open soon.

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