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Mitchie Tavern near Monticello

Mill & General Store

Grist Mill in back of the general store

proud parents of these goslings

Hello to you too!

cemetery in the middle of a golf course!

Rivanna River

balloon over Pen Park at sunset

I spent a great part of the day walking in the sunshine on this cool day. I explored a great park with long trails and a pond with Canadian geese hanging out. I walked over a mile to the Mitchie Tavern, in business since 1784. Workers were in period dress, tending the 4 stores with period wares and food. I didn't take the tour of the tavern (inn), but did pay 420 for a hearty midday meal of food served back then. It was served as a buffet on stainless steel plates and cups. I ate alot, then walked back that 1.25 miles to the car.

I am glad I had a GPS with me because the streets of Charlottesville are hilly, curvy, and confusing! But I made my way to Pen Park and went on another very long walk (over 3 miles round trip) that took me down to the Rivanna River. Then, I looked for a letterbox and it led me on to the golf course and over to 3 cemeteries! One was enclosed in a brick wall, another one abutted it enclosed in a stone wall, and the last one is overgrown and enclosed in black wrought iron fencing! That has to be the strangest place I've been looking for a letterbox! I found it, too!

The last park has lots of ball fields in it, a large doggie park where a few dogs were running around and having fun, and a path down to the other side of the Rivanna River. At the end of this path was a pile of rocks shaped as a pyramid for some reason, and behind that, a very orderly pile of rocks, making a rock bed. There were new benches in a pile against a tree. There was also a man there who said he comes by to clean things up, and that the benches used to be set up in rows or in a semicircle around that pyramid. He could give no explanation of what this was though. He was messing around that rock bed when I got there, then left me. I looked for a letterbox around that rock bed but came up empty. hmmmm

Very full day and yes, I have blisters and sore ankles, but it was worth it!

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