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5th May

Up early for another breakfast sent from heaven. Dad would be proud. We hae a system, we get up early so we can pace ourselves, people come and go in the time were sitting so they never know how many times we've returned to the buffet.

We got together and hired a minibus and a guide to take us round the three temples of Angkor. The first one was Angkor Wat the most famous and one of the wonders of the archeological world. Obviously it was amazing but I'm starting to feel spoilt like I'm underestimating all these sights because I've seen so much in such a short space of time. The heat was rediculously on the verge of being unbearable and the humidity is the killer. The second you step our of your hotel room (even if it's just to the reception) your skin just feels sticky and horrible. I'm into the habbit of having a two second shower everytime we get back to the room. Doesn't help much. So we sweated out way round Angkor Wat and the tour guide (Ben) draaaaagged on. Actually that's an understatment, we couldn't believe how long his speahes went on for, couldn't understand a lot of it didn't care about most of it and for some reasons he kept telling us the measurments of all the halls. Although we did get a laugh as he was telling us about the 7sq meters of porn (he thought that was the english for pool).

We had anoter amazing luch and headed to the second temple where they filimed tomb raider. I know it's a Chiche but this was one of my favourite plaes I've visited in the whole of the trip. Just seeing it covered in ivy and trees with butress roots growing through it and everything crumbling was a refreshing change from the usual polished splendor. I heart nature. We spent a while climbing round it then moved to another temple (sick at this point) but i'm actually glad we did it, it was a bit crumbly and leafy too ad there was realy cool buddah faces dotted around. Even got a chance to climb around on an explore of my own. 

Emma needed the toilet in the midst of this so I said I would go. We didn't realise it involved getting a moped. It was hillarious the guide just asked to borrow a locals and then the two of us fit on the back. I was wearing a dress so had to sit side saddle right at the back with emma holding me in. I swear at one point we almost toppled over but on the way back we were pro's. Didn't stop us nervous giggling the whole way.

Next, Ben decided it would be a good idea to climb up a temply hill to watch sunset. It's a popular place so we went early and sat for an hour in direct unavoidable sunlight. It was literally like torture. Even though it was 6 in the evening we all sweated our clothes wet. Horrible, although my chimeese fan did come in extremely useful, let go of feeling protentious and got my monies worth alreay. Also we saw Harry again with two well groomed friends he had picke up, made his hobo-look even funnier. 

It got cloudy. With 15minutes left to sunset we decided it wouldn't be worth the wait so we cut our losses no-one minded just wished we had done it earlier. The view was nice, I suppose.

back for a shower then out for a meal. Beer was 50cent (30ish pence) AND buy one get one free. Cocktails also cheap and buy one get one free, found my new favourite drink milky way (that's right milk! Very unlike me, especially when it's mixed with alcohol) jack daniels and Ameretto. I advise everyone to make one now. I ate my meal and then the half Emma left ans then finished Kats desert as she was full (from one meal whimp). Everyone had a good laugh. We actually discusses the possiblity of me having a tape worm with kat who's a nurse and Nat who's a paramedic. I decided that if I do have one I'm very greatful for it. 

To end the evening 5 girls all went for a massage at a place in the Market outside the bar we were at last night. It was wierd just sat on a stool getting  back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands then  we got a bit of feet, legs and hips?! A whole hour for $5 rediculous. Makes all those shifts at Sonnys worthwhile. By pot luck Lou and Alice had experimental massuses who chucked them around about abit, got a few funny looks from people in the bar. Apparently it felt realy good on the back and clicked a bit. Would like to give it a go but I have the feeling that a massages may be a stable part of this trip.


6th May

Free morning yey, but has to get up early to make breakfast boo, but they had lasagne for breakfast?!! I will not disclose how much I had for breakfast that morning but I will email you dad as you would be seriously impressed. Were literally on par. Went back to bed and the. Got up to buy a packed lunch for the bus. Food was deffinately the theme. 6hr bus was a good chance to catch up with Emma properly. Then we arrived in Phon Phen, the capital of Cambodia. It's such a treat to have everything organised for us especially in this heat. Shower then tea. 

We went to a place ran by totally by street children. It was an NGO project to rescue them and teach them various skills so they ran the kitchen, the floor and had a hand in the finances. It was realy tasty but small portions so I had a desert of fruit wantons. Good choice.

Afterwards a few of us went for a drink and then decided to try 'fly club' we thought it may have been called that because of the amount of mosquitos but it was actually pretty swish an we had a dance aroud Alices rucksack. The music was a bit of a mix between western and Asian songs so we kept getting stuck in the dancefloor trying to sober dance to a high tempo chineese techno tune. We didn't stay for long but the wierdest part was leaving the club and it actually being hotter outside. Still haven't got over the rediculous heat.


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