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Very early start today. Was up before 5am so we could go to the buddhist temple in krabi, wanted to be there early so we could see sunrise. the temple has 2 major points of interest, a walk up 1300 steps to the top of a hill to a view point where you can see all over the city and see the most amazing sun rises and sunsets or a 400 step walk in the jungle to see caves and a massive tree thought to be 1000 years old plus to see the praying grounds of the monks. as you can guess i took the easier option and went to see the jungle and caves. Was really strange to be in the jungle at that time with no one around me accept monks, dogs and tortoises (who were trying to shag!!). Aline took the tougher option (action girl that she is!) and we met up later on to wander around the grounds looking at monkeys and buddhist effigies. just after we met up, a dog appeared with a massive chunk missing out of his neck, really thought he was going to attack us but suddenly 4 other dogs appeared (one of which had been acting as my personal guide around the jungle!) and judging by the sounds (we didnt look) finished him off.

After that we had breakfast then headed to the pier for a boat to ko lanta. We had originally decided to go our own separate ways because aline only had a few days left and wanted some time to herself and i had been becomming way too relient on her. I know that i wouldnt have done anything much if i hadnt met her, would probably still be in koh samui, but getting to a point where im constantly needing to justify myself and also where it would be even harder to cope by myself if we spend the next 5 days together. despite this, she then changed her mind and we stayed at somewhere i had picked out, "where else" in ko lanta, a bargain at 200 baht a night (4 quid!!). spent most of the afternoon sitting on the beach watching crabs run around doing whatever it is they were doing and then watching a beautiful sunset. in the evening we went to a really call bar run by a thai guy called Toffee, who insisted on conducting every conversation in a bizarre scouse accent!! we ended up with a table full of people but i kinda freaked out a bit because they were all smoking weed and getting pissed and it kinda made me feel really uncomfortable. i then ended up sitting on the beach having a quite difficult conversation where she hit me with a lot of home truths (its true, it does hurt) and the more i think about it she is right. ive been thinking about coming home, worried that im just going to waste my time out here sitting on a beach by myself not really doing much but i am so lucky, i have an amazing opportunity to really change myself for the better. ive got to stop being so reliant on others, ive got to start planning more, work out what i want to do and where i can do it. ive got to let the past go, which isnt easy, but it needs doing. so tomorrow we are both going to ko phi phi (already booked) but will go our seperate ways once we arrive. kinda scary but i know ive got to do it, need to start believing in myself more and get used to being on my own, not being so fucking needy. only way is up from here

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