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Ello all, since i last spoke to you i've done a fair bit in terms of, bouncing between islands in Southern Thailand and now i'm in in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

we hit up a full oon party and a black moon party, both on Koh Phangan both pretty crazy!? full moon was too busy and u hear horror stories but my experience was pretty awesome and went well (as well as gettin hammered goes). black moon alot less people in a better area, was full of face n body paint n bright lights of thai illuminious art, good show!?!

Finished my trip with my good friend Dave, whom has returned to Wales, with his girlfriend who i met up with once Dave had met her on Koh Samui. Did my diving which was absolutely amazing. I've forgotten the disk with the pics on but i will try n get the off facebook now....!? made some good mates on the islands who i met up with again in Bangkok, just after Dave left and i am to meet here 2moro!? depending on how long they're staying i may shoot off to another part of Cambodia!? went around Angkor Wat and some of the other temples, however my camera wasn't charged and i only have pics of Angkor Wat, gutted but still fun!?

most seconds of my eating time here has about 4-5 children trying to sell me stuff, sometimes at the same time, bit annoying but like i said in my e-mail poverty is noticably worse here than Thailand!? still though loving the people here, very nice n not so scammy as in thailand (althought thai people were very nice too). pretty hot today, say around 40 so keeping cool woth a/c internet usage!? hope u're all well and here's some pics of recent times......x

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