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Coral bay

Local Buoys

Eddie the Eagle

It had been a few weeks since we were last on the beach and we were beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. A "quick" hop across to the Perhenthian Islands was what we wanted and literally what we got. We opted for the "fast boat" which on a choppy sea was like a ride at Alton Towers, crashing over every wave, tumbling down with spine-shattering cracks! We arrived without permanent spinal injury... just.

It was really undeveloped, so much in fact that we couldn't find a room for our first night, ending up instead in a small tent on the beach. One of our dreams fulfilled but not an experience to be repeated: sauna-like heat combined with lashings of rain during a tropical thunder and lightning storm.

After these minor stresses we were able to do what we came here to do - chill out and enjoy the scenery. There were 2 beaches on either side of the island, only a 10 minute jungle stroll between them (where we actually saw more wildlife than at the National Park). Both were equally spectacular with some of the bluest, clearest water we've seen yet.

Feeling energetic we hired a kayak and paddled our way around the bay. With an offshore wind on the way out we thought it was all a little bit easy. When we turned around to come back it was a different story, every stroke became more difficult and we returned after only 1 hour to get back to lounging on the beach - it was a bit too much like hard work!

On our last day Greg spent more time in the water than out, while Amy worked on her tan (coming along nicely). Greg was really chuffed to see some stingrays but the turtles, which are known to frequent the island, were nowhere to be seen.

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