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Ready to Rock and Roll-Einhoven Aiport

Getting through security at Eindhoven Airport was a saga as most people had to take of their shoes, belts and jackets also computers had to be unpacked and as they were nearly all packed in a bag within a bag this was not an easy thing to do especially as we were all juggling our various belongings around us. Ryanair seems to be all bark and no bite—if you do the right thing that is. We had arrived early and were the first to drop off our bags and had very courteous and friendly service. We also saw that people were carrying on board bags that were well oversize (but only one bag per person) and that in itself made a problem for the hostesses as there was more carryon luggage then space in the overhead lockers forcing the hosties to ask for volunteers who would take their luggage back and store it under the seats in front of them, that suited me well as I am always wary of heavy items being placed on top of my computer so that travelled save and sound being held in place with my tippy toes.

The flight from Eindhoven to Bergamo takes you over the Swiss Alps—'Nice you say' well you may have read my earlier posts and have come to realize that I do exaggerate slightly (sometimes) but you can read this as I write it—This flight was way better than the Big Dipper at Luna Park in Sydney used to be. The hostesses were kept busy with trips up and down the aisles selling things:-first trip=handing out menus and flight magazines, 2nd trip=selling teas, coffees and snacks (I bought a cup of tea), 3rd trip=selling mother's day presents, 4th trip=selling scratchy cards and all the time we were getting warnings from the pilots to keep our seat belts on as there was a lot of turbulence about and we had already been doing quite a bit of bucking up and down in the air. When I looked out of the corner of my left eye I could see someone turning green—he was trying to put his head down but there was not enough room between his seat and the seat in front of him to be able to lean forward, his wife was trying to take care of him and was looking in my direction. Just then a sharp decent sent my upper body with my cup of tea still clutched in my hand towards the ceiling—it took me all my effort not to let it go, lucky it had a lid on it—it must have looked comical as the sick man's wife just burst into laughter—maybe she was getting hysterical or was just glad that she did not end up wearing my cup of tea. The rest of the people on the plane just seemed to take all this in their stride and no one seemed worried and when we finally made contact with the tarmac at Bergamo Airport the pilots let out a blast on a trumpet to announce that we had arrived safely at Bergamo and 'Thank You' for flying with Ryanair--In return they got a standing ovation from all on board. Now that was more fun than any dull old flight that we have taken recently-wasn't it?

Everyone piled out of the plane then boarded a little bus that swiftly drove us to the terminal where we found our suitcases riding the conveyor belt, red arrows were followed by people who had things to declare and green arrows were followed by the rest of us, in any case it would not have mattered which line we followed as with a lot of border crossings on this side of the world there was no one in attendance. Walking though the exit we were flashed with a sign 'B&B Entro le Mura—Wynands' and we were whisked away by a lovely young couple in their very comfortable station wagon for the 4k to our Bed and Breakfast here in Bergamo and by this time it was 11pm and sweet dreams were in front of us (hopefully).

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