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Dark Clouds-Eindhoven Airport

Waiting, waiting-Eindhoven Airport

Tuesday 4th May 2010 Weather:-Cold-8 degrees

Apeldoorn to Eindhoven by train (1:23h-154k). 20:55 catch Ryanair flight 4038--Arrive Bergamo Italy 22:25

A final vacuum and dust through our Home-swappers home left us with nothing to do so we thought 'may as well head of to Eindhoven by train than sit out the time here in Apeldoorn'. We got to the Apeldoorn train station at about 12 noon and checked that the print out for our train schedule was still in order; we had bought our tickets 2 days earlier and asked the station attendant to print out a schedule for the train departures and platform numbers of the stations where we would have to change trains—all was OK, the whole trip would take us 1 hour and 20 minutes! On our first leg an announcement came over the sound system, something to do about signals and that we had to stop as a train was coming from the opposite direction and had to be let through first—did I hear that there was only one line open? After a bit of guesswork and lots of confusion it seems that there was a problem with the signalling devises and a few more change over's of trains were needed to get us to our destination of Eindhoven. That is a problem that can happen anywhere and we were glad that at least we could still get to our destination by train as having to catch a taxi for that distance would have put a (not so small dent) in the budget. Thank goodness that we had left Apeldoorn very early and when we got as far as Utrecht we were offered a cup of hot drink from the Kiosk on the train platform as an apology from the railway company, a nice touch, we thought—in all the trip took us just over 3 hours—but we got there!

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