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Grounds of the Kroller-Muller Museum

Rolf, Jos and Judy-Kroller-Muller Museum

Van Gogh--'a sad life'

'Cafe Terrace at Night'-Van Gogh

'The Potatoe Eaters'-Van Gogh

Art in the Kroller-Muller Museum

a road to nowhere?-Kroller-Muller Museum

Monday 3rd May 2010 Weather:-Raining/Cold-8 degree--feels like 5


The last three days have not gotten any better, weather wise I mean and we are now busy giving our temporary home on this side of the world a final clean up and getting all our washing and ironing in order as tomorrow we leave for Italy. Herman has spent some extra time detailing our home-swapper's car as with the long distances travelled there is always the inevitable bug collection that congregates on the duco.

We had a lovely interlude yesterday with the arrival of my cousin Jos and her husband Rolf—and as it was raining a walk in the 'Veluwe National Park' was disregarded in favour of a trip to the' Kroller-Muller Museum' which is situated in the centre of this national park. This museum is particularly known for its fine collection of over 275 Van Gogh paintings and French impressionists and has hung them in a chronological order. We also saw works by Seurat, Redon, Braque, Picasso, Juan Gris and Piet Mondrian. It felt incredible to stand in front of some of these paintings and to study the brush strokes, made so long ago, paintings that we have only seen reproductions of and yet some of the other paintings on view left you wondering about the merit of them—just the name of the painter perhaps? The most puzzling exhibit was the road of blue asphalt! Perhaps I need to dig deeper to understand the artist's view point? The weather stopped us from viewing any of the fine sculptures around the park so we journeyed back home, shared a nice meal together and said goodbye, again—it seems like it was only yesterday when we said goodbye to them the last time (when we stayed with Jos's sister Ineke and her husband Job in France last year).

We have been getting numerous emails from Ryanair to warn us to Check-In on line otherwise they will fine us Au$57 per person if we do not already have our boarding passes printed out and also that there is a very strict one item only as hand luggage so my little handbag and computer bag, Herman's camera bag and little over the shoulder satchel will all count up to 4 items of carryon luggage giving them the right to stop us to board the plane so my plan of action has been to buy a bag within their size perimeters and to shove both my carryon items in that and Herman will wear his satchel under his jacket leaving him only his camera case to deal with—all we now have to hope for is that our suitcases have not put on any weight as 15 kilos per person is all that is allowed in that department—the woes of a modern day traveller! We have had one email from Vueling Airways (Rome to Barcelona) so far, the topic of which followed the same lines regarding suitcases and carryon items but at least they will book us in at Rome Airport—if we get there!!

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