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Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

Inside our night train

Yep you guessed it, still feeling like mouldy ass, but the trip must go on. Today we set out in search of the Thai border. A short taxi ride from our hotel and we had reached the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge and the immigration set up given to the country by us Aussies. A smooth transition from one side of the bridge to the other, from Laos to Thailand. We spent the next 9 agonising hours in Nong Khai waiting for our night train to depart. A small somewhat lifeless border town. As it always does when you want it to go fast, time just stood still. It was the longest day ever. The time had finally come to board the train and we were on our way to Bangkok. We had a second class sleeper so it was more bearable than the night bus, one because it was more comfortable and two because we didn't feel like we were going to die the entire night.

From the boonies of Thailand, we bid you goodnight

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