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I made it to Paris!!!!!!!! Chris & Allison dropped me off at Charles Degaul airport on their way to catch a plane in the nick of time to England. I hired a taxi to get to my Hostel. As I was riding in the taxi I realized this was the start of my adventure, I had no return plane ticket to USA, no set vacation time, no deadlines at all. While in Sacy I realized that after looking at a map of europe and filling out 2 legal size sheets of paper with cities I wanted to visit, it would take 3 months 2 weeks to get it done and I'll do it till I am done!

Paris is exiting, there is energy & exitement in this city..a buzz. I checked into my Hostel called Woodstock, which is pretty famous among hostels, they call it France's 2nd American embassy due to all the americans that stay there. They have a bar down stairs and a cool atmosphere throught out the hostel.

I checked into my room which has 2 bunkbeds. My roomates are from Israel, Spain, Mexico. They are friends who took year off from college to travel for a year. They started June 26th last year and about to wrap up there trip, they are only 20 years old and they have visited more countries in the world than most people see in a life time. I told them I was envious. They gave me tips on travel and what to expect from countries I want to visit.

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