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Waiting for the Flower Corso

Morning tea is served

Clearing the way

Entertainment while waiting

First of many

A Long Way to the End

Garbage Anyone?

'Sounds and Colors of Europe'-City of Hillegom

'Sounds and Colors of Europe'

'Memories of Europe'-Republic of Azerbeidzjan

'Holands Glory' of Van Zijverden---1st PRIZE

'Holands Glory' of Van Zijverden-Township of Sassenheim

'Holands Glory' of Van Zijverden, including music

'From Russia with Love'-Keukenhof

'From Russia with Love'

'The Viking'-Township of Noordwijkhout

'The Viking' and the crew

'The Viking' with friendly faces

Slow riding is the hardest

'Trip Along the Rhine'-City of Lisse


'God of the Northsea'-Bloemenbadplaats Noordwijk

Getting in possition-'God of the Northsea'

Riders? of the 'Giro d'Italia'

'Giro d'Italia'-Rabobank

End of the line- 'Giro d'Italia'

And Dancers Too--a long way to go!

Electric cars--with no view?

'Gondolas in Venice'-Township of Teylingen

'Gondolas in Venice'-3rd PRIZE

'Gondolas in Venice'

Bulb Growers and All

'Walking through England'-Province of North-Holland

'Walking through England'

And I can't see at ALL

'The Portugese Chook'-Corso Group' De Zilk'

'Spanish Culture'-Spanish Traffic Bureau

Viva E'spanje

'Moulin Rouge'-International Fower Bulb Centre

'Moulin Rouge'-2nd PRIZE

'Moulin Rouge'-and Dancers

'Back in Europe'-Netherlands Flower Bulb Central

and more of 'Back in Europe'

Even more of 'Back in Europe'


Saturday 24th April 2010 Weather:-Heat wave-18 degrees

Lisse--BloemenCorso 2010 Theme: Journey through Europe

We were again lucky for we have had the most glorious sunny day to experience once more in our lives the 'BloemenCorso van de Bollenstreek' (Flower Parade of the Bulb Area) as you know by now it is a parade of flower-decorated floats that makes a slow 40km (25 miles) passage from Noordwijk to Haarlem, where the cavalcade forms an illuminated display overnight. A different theme is adopted each year for this popular festival, which usually attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators who line the length of its route, busses full of tourists turn up from all over Europe but strangely enough many Dutch people have not bothered to go to see it. There is always plenty of space along the roadside to park and just wait for the procession to come past but in the little villages it passes through getting a good viewing spot is very much harder. We met a couple (around 60 years old) standing next to us today who are born and bred in Alpen an Rijn, 24k away and they only went to see it for the first time last year and are now committed viewers—she was trying to tell me what to expect but I imagine that I could have told her more than she knew—I was lucky you see, for my Aunt Thea and Uncle Wim took Larissa and I there in 1980 when the theme was 'Van Gogh' paintings with the bonus that they had a float of the Dutch Monarchy's Golden Coach that year as well. Herman also saw the float of the 'Golden Coach' as it was included in 1997 when we went together, but mostly all the floats are new each year. Most of the floats are entered by different districts in the area with one from as far away as The Republic of Azerbeidzjan this year, all vying to have the honour of being voted no 1 float of the year with the workers on the various floats all coming from the area that the float represents. The 20 large floats are piled high with carefully arranged blooms in a profusion of scent and colour, and more the 30 luxury cars and motorbikes also decorated with flowers drive by in between. Then add the marching bands to the procession and you will realize why there are 45 photos posted today. My hardest job tonight was deciding from the 300 odd photos that we took how to let you of lightly.

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