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I spent my first week in Isle of Wight which is just off the coast of southwest England. I stayed with John & Carol at there place in Cowes, which is fun town where John & Carol grew up. We were on the go the whole week visiting family & friends and hitting the pubs in the evening.

We were so busy I never got my camera out so there no pictures. I do have some of Sacy France which will be in the next entry.

While we were in Isle of Wight we looked at a house John & Carol are interested in buying. The house is over 200 years old and was originaly a farmer's house then a pub before being coverted back into residential duplex. We know the approximate age of the home because in England the builders place a coin in the house just before they finish building it, for good luck. Carol's mom found the coin when she remodeled her half of the duplex. She also found sea shells in between the floor joists which builders used back then to insulate homes.

A few things about is expensive. You take a huge loss just converting your dollars into pounds, it takes $1.90 to buy a pound. Everything in England is expensive, a cheap lunch will cost you $20 easy. Gas is 2 1/2 times our price. Luckily I did not have to stay in a hotel or eat out all the time. Home prices in England are high, the best I could tell was about 150,000 pounds or almost $300,000 for average house and they have appreciated so much that mortgage companies now offer 50 year mortgages.

I will be coming back to England to visit london for a week just before I leave for Australia sometime in August. I may go to Scotland if I have time, they have a guided tour of the location they filmed the movie Trainspotting which i would love to go on and of course see the rest of Scotland. Thats it for now.

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