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Off to the Keukenhof

From Near and Far-keukenhof

The Keukenhof before 9am

Street Organ The"Adriaen"

The "Adriaen"

Which one is best?

Music from Cardboard

Walk in the Park

Elegance in Tulips

Of The Parrott variety-Tulips

Meandering Along

Walking on Water

'Queen of the Night'


Cherry Blossoms

Tip Toe...

...Through the Tulips


In the Keukenhof

Jumping through Hoops

Beatrix Pavillion

'From Russia with Love'

And now the Orchids

Cups of Tulip

Having fun in the sun

Up another path

'Lovely Suprise'


Queen Beatrix Pavillion-Keukenhof

Tulips ans more tulips

Red is Beautiful

I Do, I Do, I Do

and Cycads too

Sunny day in Keukenhof

Purple Rhapsody

A wedding in the Park

more of Keukenhof

Art in the Keukenhof

..and more tulips

Windmill of the Keukenhof

Flower Fields-Behind Keukenhof

Afternoon Tea-Keukenhof

End of the day-Keukenhof

Friday 23rd April 2010 Weather:-Fresh/ Sunshine-18 degrees


In case you do not like flowers you had better tune out now for we spent 10 hours walking and sitting in the Keukenhof today. 'Keukenhof' (literally means kitchen garden) we had a ten minute walk from our hotel, in Lisse, South Holland to the world's largest flower garden park with around 7 million tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and other flowering bulbs on display. Even as early as 8:45am we were swamped by school groups all on their bikes heading for The Keukenhof then as we approached we saw that we were beaten by busloads of tourists from Germany, Finland, Yugoslavia, Russia, France, they had come from every direction and that list does not even mention us Aussies who managed to get there by shanks pony. Every spring since 1949, top horticulturists in the Netherlands have planted around 7 million bulbs here by hand in displays that change annually. It started originally as a display vehicle for the bulb growers so that buyers could come to see the flowers in full bloom before they ordered their bulbs for the following year and as Nederland exports bulbs all over the world this is one of their major exports. This year's theme is 'From Russia with Love'. There are 15 kilometres of footpaths to walk along to view this, the most spectacular bulb flower display in the world. The variety of flowers and colours are overwhelming. Top that of with the sensuous perfumes floating around, predominately hyacinths and you can start to realize why we came all this way from the other side of the globe. Tulips are the most famous of Dutch bulbs and careful planting of early, regular, and late flowering bulbs ensure that tulips are usually seen for most of the two-month season the park is open. Yes, it is only open for 2 months of the year. Crocuses, narcissus (daffodils), and hyacinths are more prevalent early in the season when the Japanese cherry blossoms can also be seen but as this season is very late because of the late onset of spring we have left our visit until now. Even though we have left our visit later in the season we did miss out on seeing one of the most spectacular displays and that is of a river of little Muscari (a little blue flower) meandering through banks of tulips—the effect looks like a river of flowers—the beds were laid but the flowers were only just beginning to bloom in some of the sunnier spots. Oh well, next week's visitors will get more enjoyment of that scene.

You may think that i have gone over the top with photos today but I had a real problem—I ran out of memory on my camera—it only holds 190 photos, so with only one click needed to take a photo and three click needed to delete-I spent more time deleting than taking photos. If you add to that the 200 odd photos that Herman took you know what we came home with today. Anyone want to come to visit us? We have even bought a CD of street organ music to go with the photos, now that is entertainment, isn't it? In any case we enjoyed the later part of the day sitting across from the pond where the baby from the Kings Cross 'Alamein Fountain' resides listening to the tunes of the Street Organ "De Adriaen" and watching the rest of the world go by, glad that we did not have to drive the 124k home.

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