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MJ and John ready to order

Love those Clydesdales!

Friends and Family Day at Big Daddy's. The lunch crowd was manageable but by the time I left at 5:15 there where lines and the tables were filling up fast. There were some major issues in the kitchen so I hope Owen and the staff survived the rush.

Mary Jane and John were kind enough to drive the hour from Gold Canyon to Scottsdale to share the day with Owen . We tasted the meat and most of the sides - we definitely had our favorites. These wonderful friends are planning a trip to Detroit at the end of May. I am so happy that I will see them again before October.

When I came back to the apartment I started reviewing plans for my road trip . Didn't get very far but it's a start and I am not leaving until Monday. By the way, the last two days have been very cool here - blanket sleeping weather. It seems so funny after sweltering for two days while packing the coach up for storage - it's a nice change.

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