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I must admit that getting the coach ready for 6 months storage -in Arizona during the months when temps reach 114 degrees - was a much bigger task than I had expected --- but I am happy to report that the rig is "summerized" and parked in it's shady spot. John was a huge help today. He had the hot water heater tank drained before Owen arrived - one less thing for that wonderful kid to have to do! John also made chicken barley corn chili for lunch and fed us before we took off for storage. Terrific people - he and Mary Jane.

After unloading most of the car, Owen and I sat and watched the ending of the Red Wing and Coyotes hockey game. It was good to sit down. When the game was over I took a long, cool shower - amazing how refreshed I felt after that!

We had dinner at an Irish Pub. The food was quite good and the atmosphere was very authentic. According to Owen, the Guinness was perfect!

Tomorrow is an early day at the restaurant for Owen so he went to bed at 10:30 or so. I won't be far behind. I'm beat but it's good to know that the coach is safe and secure until October. Mission Accomplished!

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