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Elephant was too rough to land.

MIchele and I dressed suitably

Definitely getting colder!

Well framed iceberg


I never got tired of looking at the icebergs....fascinating!

Passing Elephant Island

We left South Georgia on the afternoon of the 9th heading towards Elephant Island and the Antarctic. The seas were building and conditions onboard were getting rougher. During the evening my sister, Jeanette fell down a flight of stairs on her way to dinner and knocked herself out! She remained concussed throughout most of the night and after consultation with the doctor onboard, the decision was taken to do a medical evacuation. Unfortunately, Jeanette picked about the remotest part of the voyage. South Georgia has not got an airstrip and the nearest suitable place was King George Island in the South Shetlands. Three and a half days away!

It was decided to still stop at Elephant Island as it did not affect our ETA into King George (we would have arrived in the middle of the night!)

Point Wild, Elephant Island is significant in the Shackleton story! It was here that Shackleton left his men while he sailed to South Georgia. After four months and three unsuccessful attempts, the crew were rescued. All survived.

As Frank Hurley wrote in his journal....

Such a wild and inhospitable coast I have never beheld. Yet there is a profound grandeur about these savage cliffs with the drifting snow and veiling clouds.........I thought of those lines of Robert Service 'A land of savage grandeur that measures each man at his worth".

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