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Chisty at Satay Restaurant

Melaka Canal Walk

Historic Town Square

Lanterns in China Town

Restaurant Menu?

Pimped Out Rickshaws

Flew into KL and caught a convenient 2 hour bus from the airport direct to Melaka (did we mention how easy it is to travel in Malaysia?)

Spent a few days in the charming town of Melaka, a former Portuguese, Dutch and British colony (now happily independent). Christy had visited ~14 years ago. Much has changed, but happy to report it's still a nice town, oozing with history.

Visited Chinatown to enjoy the beautiful architecture, food, Jonker St. night market (very relaxed market) and to see the Cheng Hong Teng temple (1846). Also saw St Paul's Church (built by the Portuguese in 1521), Porta de Santiago (an old fort used by all the colonists), Christ Church (built in 1753) and visited Studthuys (formerly the Dutch town hall, now a museum). Speaking of museums, we've never been anywhere with so many museums in such a small area. There were over a dozen museums here - subjects ranged from art, to coins to stamps to military and so on.

Took another A/C bus to KL, where we planned to spend a few days.

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