Pulling the Carriage 2007 travel blog

Walk of fame at Lowes



Main Grandstand


Pit road

Start/Finish line

Winner's Circle

Tunnel under track to infield

Also a short track and a dirt track in 1200 acre complex

An a drag strip- tour operator got the full sized Ford van...

clay imported from Ohio








the shop for 5 / 88








Beautiful countryside found during detour

Canola just starting to flower





Runaway truck escape in mountains

We started out the day with our tour of Lowes. They are getting ready for a big car show this weekend, so we were unable to drive on the track. We did however tour the pit areas and the infield. I think it would be fun to camp here and take in a race in the future. There is also a short track, a dirt track, and a drag strip, all within the 1200 acres of Lowes Motor Speedway. The owner of this track Bruton Smith owns 8 race tracks!!

Next we toured Hendrick Motorsports. This included the museum and the two shops (5/88 and 24/48). You could get a much better view of Mark and Jr’s shop compared to Jeff and Jimmie’s. We spent about an hour wandering around this beautiful, well manicured site.

We hooked up the trailer after lunch and moved on. We had only been on I-79 for a few minutes when our Garmin warned of an accident with a 30 minute delay. We followed Garmen’s recommendation and started a detour. It took us through some beautiful country in North Carolina. The wheat is coming in head and the canola is in flower. It was a pleasant change from the freeway.

The afternoon saw us crossing the Blue Ridge Mountains. We went through two tunnels and up and down hills all afternoon. Our goal was Summersville, West Virginia. We are camped at Mountain Lake campground. We don’t see a level site and there is no wifi. It is however a beautiful evening, so Glenna and I enjoyed dinner at our picnic table. It’s about 90 degrees here, but the young lady at the registration desk told us not to be tricked. They had a terrible winter with 24 snow days at their school.

We are sitting here tonight with all the windows open. We could turn on the AC, but with a 30 amp electrical service, and lots of frogs singing their heads off, we thought we would enjoy the sounds and the fresh mountain air.

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