Spring 2010 travel blog

Wonderful TN S.P. compliments of the work of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Panther Creek S.P. campsitee.

Cherokee Lake at Panther Creek S.P., TN.

TN #70 - what a road!

One of TN #70's switchbacks

US 23 was like this all afternoon.

Cheif Logan S.P. at Logan West Virginia.

One needs R & R after a day as good as this!

Day #45, Wednesday, March 31, 2010:

In a rather disgusted mood last night I plotted today's course towards home, somewhat P.O.'ed because we had been robbed of some much anticipated mountain travel, as of tonight I take all those feelings back “in spades”!

Without going into too much detail I essentially drew a straight line from Morristown, TN to Buffalo, NY and then tried as much as possible to drive the roads along that line. Little did I know!!

We drove over mountains on switchbacks like you couldn't believe on roads that were sometimes less than two lanes and had no shoulders. TN 70 from Rogersville to Jonesville was amazing and all the others were just great. U.S. 23 from Duffield, VA, through Norton, VA, Pikeville, KY and Logan WVA is gorgeous. Almost unbelievable what these folks spend on transportation infrastructure, the rock cuts, bridges and fill sites must have cost billions and yet very little traffic using it.

Drove right through the heart of coal country, some mines right beside the road and the little supporting towns wedged down into a valley near them.

Fair warning, although most after Jonesville were four lane, they are no roads for those wishing to make time or have a dislike for mountain driving.

Again we were blessed with a state park showing up right on schedule, we're camped at Chief Logan S.P. Just north of Logan, WVA. A really lovely park and “Nomad” is the only trailer in this section – we're alone and have it all to ourselves.

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