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Rox is in here looking at stones for a ring.

Rox wheeling and dealing!

Rox in this house , me looking from the beach.

View from the deck!

Looking out the kitchen window!



Its the dream beach, love shack for sure!!

Lets go hiking!

I got the ultimate hiking shoes!! NOT

Just a bit longer, I think?

Getting a jungle shower in Central America.

Looking up

Brad is finished the shower and is joining the fish!

The trees seem alive.

Rox realy enjoyed the hike in.... LOL

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Love shack in heaven!!

Yesterday we putted around town then went out for dinner at the Italian pizza rest. They had a nice group playing old Fleetwood Mac songs. The band was Mom, Dad and the son on bass. We loved it , they were great and the pizza was good too. No water for the bathroom so we had to go down the street to the bar... LOL and they did not sell beer so we were forced to drink a Margareta. Today Rox went to a fellow's house we met on the street to see about getting a custom made ring. He had a 5 million dollar walk on white sand beach right off his kitchen deck. House could use a reno, but it is not aloud to be touched as it is on squatted on land. Brad

Went for a hike to the famous Montezuma water falls. Very beautiful and what a hike threw roots of trees and along and in the river bank. After ten minutes of walking we arrived at the first fall and pool. Alot of tica's swimming and jumping off the sides and some at the top the falls. Brad and I went for a swim and floated around under the falls. Sooooo refreshing......alot of little fish and the fall is at least 70 feet straight up. Alot of young people going to the next level of the falls on a trail that is straight up and not my thing. It has cooled a little but still the hottest they have had it at this season in awhile says the locals. The beaches are very beautiful hear but the surf is strong. Tomorrow going snorkling to an island an hour away and then we have a cooked pescado casada lunch on the island. We leave at nine thirty and are back at four. Will be fun. Rox

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