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Hello out there,

I hardly know where to start. Internet access has been very hard to come by here. As we are off the beaten path we find ourselves in small towns with no Internet cafes. Our website-mytripjournal-doesn't have map listings for most of the towns we go through, so the map tracking doesn' work. Oh well!

We are following a route called the Route Vert. It can be accessed at the site

The route runs from Avignon to Maastricht, in Belgium and we picked it up in Poligny. It follows small-tiny-country roads and avoids the cities completely, along with internet cafes and bike shops! A beautiful route.

France is gorgeous, and the people are charming, helpful and kind. Sometimes they pass out Madeleine's for breakfast! We stopped at the Spa town of Vittel to partake of the waters...ooh-la-la! We have seen the famous canals and barges and drank our fill and then some of the "free" red wine. The tent is doing its job wonderfully and we are both happy and staying healthy. We have a ton of photos, which I won't download now and tie up your bandwidth, but we will be sure to bore you to tears on our return.

Bicycle stuff: One flat(blowout, one wheel out of true, in 3000 km. Also, still running on the original chain and cassette we started with. Unbeliveable on a tandem!

Haven't counted the vertical yet.

We are on schedule, and hope to arrive in Holland end of June. Our plan is to catch the opening prologue of the Tour de France in Liege on July 3.

Love to all,

Ken & Liz

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