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Milli the owner, she is so cool, fun, and very nice!

Rox getting started with B.B.Q. ed pinapple.

Welcome! Cute.

Ride to Mal Pias, Cicilia, Fredoric, and guide Marrio.

Ahhh, bats in the tree! Lots of them too!

Me getting to close to a monkey with 1 arm. He tried...

Watch where you walk, ops!


Wow, more dust, Mal Pias.

Its the sh...

Rox washing down the dust!!

Main drag, only drag 4.5 kms of rest & hotels.

The beach, its sooooo hot.


Main street cooking!

Local work crew, note snorkel kit and Mercedes 4by 4!

Yes , dinner and drinks, town is surf city!

Off the rest deck!

Inside the rest pretty neet decor...

Tipical 1 lane bridge.

Tipical sunset... yaa baby!! Hot wind to boot!

Ya its nice. Slap me its real, right, right. YES

Good-by Fredoric & Ceceila....

The new room, good-by bunks , number 9 rules!

Ok, what does that mean?

We are back in Monezuma !

Few bird nests.

Rox, bring your hat, hand is not the same!!

Some wave action today.

All beachs look the same here, boring. LOL

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Mal Pais in da sun!

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Mal Pais sunset.

(MP4 - 2.54 MB)

Montezuma beach, one closest to town.

The day before yesterday we all got together for the Wednesday night Luna Llena B.B.Q. This is a bring your own food and beer and its kinda pot luck style. We did roasted vegetables and had a black been dip for chips I brought back from Samara. Lots of other foods to choose from as well. Milli and Chris the owners of the hotel stoked up the B.B.Q. and make some very nice appies. You can buy beer from the community fridge as well if you get low.. Very cool back ground music and Milli & Chris had some friends come by as well so you got to meet the comunity as well. Rox and me had a great time probably the best meal of the trip as it was a mixed group of travellers and locals and everyone helped cook and clean up. Next morning we were off to Mal Pias. We look a local cab set up by Luna Llena with a local named Marrio. Very nice fellow and he gave us a guided tour down a back jungle road. And then picked us up later and we came back the normal dirt road. LOL Hey on the way to Mal Pais we stopped at a wildlife sanctuaryuary and saw where one of Mel GibsonĀ“s estates is. He dose not use the dusty potholed goat path,he has a helicopter. It was 39 degrees on the way to Mal Pais. Rox thought the trip was a long dust road to China. When we got to Mal Pais there was even more dust.... LOL The beach was nice as you could not see any buildings and the town was not so nice as you could not see the beach. Hmm I was never so dirty in all my trips to C.R. The cab cost 35 bucks U.S. each way as we did the jungle road and its hard on cars. This we split with our new friends from Argentina , Cecilia and Federico. We had a great dinner in town mahi mahi and mashed potatoes. Had a bunch of beer to wash down the road dust and we were feeling mucho refreshed. Before dinner at 430 untill 545 most rest close to go surfing. Rox was a bit miffed. LOL And to boot not everyone had water to wash as they were in conserve mode. That means no water for hands and some toilets did not work as well. Later the water was turned back on. Its kinds the same in Montezuma as well. Three kinds of water. Bottled, saved from washing dirty water, and trucked in from the river to work the bathroom toilets.... LOL Some places never run out as they have tanks. Water is always good to drink from tap if it is available. Was a fun day and we saw the best sunset ever as we looked right over the open Pacific Ocean. Oh ya, we have a new room ,9 so we can say good-by to the bunk beds. This is the best room in the whole place!! yaa Rox is so happy! She will not miss me shaking the bed all night long as I turned over on the top bunk!

Today Cecilia and Federico left on a boat for Manual Antonio. By to them and we will check out more of Montezuma today........ Brad

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