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Beach or Pool??

Sunsetting at Club Fiji


Finally we are in Fiji. When we arrived in Fiji you could feel the instant heat. I counted three people with the same pink 'Supre' bag as ,e! They're a dead giveaway that you are from NZ.

The first day we had a lazy day (like all the rest of the days in Fiji). except we went into town first & got a big watermelon and some stuff to eat like crackers etc... Then we worked on our sun tans and cooled of in the pool.

The next day was more relaxing and just lazing around and splashing in the pool. In the afternoon we took three small sit on kayaks and mucked around in them. (the kayaks are free at the resort).

The next couple of days were pretty much more of the same except I have to do school work in the morning again!! (I have tried to convince mum that we had a month of school last time we were in Fiji, but she didn't buy it!!!)

There is a guy staying here from Napier and it's really funny because he was here last time we were here!! Talk about coincidence!!!

Anyway there are coconut trees everywhere. It's so so relaxing. This is PARADISE!!!!

Tomorrow we head up to Na Na Nui Ra.

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