40th Birthday Trip to Australia March 2010 travel blog

Got up early as was a tour of the island for the day. Went to coffee shop for coffee and a wrap to start the day off.. Met up with tour at 8.30, departed on a 4 wheel drive bus!!! Very bumpy roads, all dirt tracks no tarmac at all. First stop was Lake McKenzie at 9.00 for a swim, this is a rain water lake with poor white sand, spectalour, wait for photos, its amazing. The water in this lake is the best natural hair container and the sands fabulous for exfoliating so it was better than any spa treatment!!! Had tea and scones here along with all the other little creepy crawlies!! Millions of mosquitoes, bitten alive even with spray on.. Then we moved onto Central Station another lush rain forest, this was lovely, definitely will be more of a re-cycling freak when I get back as these are being ruined by humans.. we then moved onto Eurong Beach resort for lunch, which was very nice.Had lunch with a couple who has being working in Abu Dhabi for 10years and were on there way back to Glasgow to live. Then headed onto "75 Mile Beach" in the 4WW Bus doing about 80km, brilliant.. This beach again is unbelievable (don't know Dad how I will ever see Passage East in the same light!!) Pure white sands and clear blue water.. The aborigines call this island something aborginary which means "Paradise" and I most say I totally agree with them... We then went to the Maheno Shipwreck which is on the beach, it was a World War 1 ambulance ship that was shipwrecked up on the beach in 1914.. It was sold by the Aussies to the Japanese for scrap mental and while being towed a cyclone hit and it was washed ashore onto 75 mile beach. And here it has stayed, its a big tourist attraction on Frasier Island and as the tour guide says the most expensive hope of metal ever!! we then headed to the Pinnacles which are like pyramids made from coloured sand. On the way back from only driving roughly 40km of the beach we stopped at Eli Creek, which is a fast flowing island creek and went for a walk in this and it was very good. We came across a Dingo here, they are wild dogs which were brought in from Asia thousands of years ago and are now native to Fraser Island. You cannot feed these dogs or bend down to take there photo as they will attack. You must keep your distance from them so Noelle you would never handle them!!! Got back at around 04.30, wrecked tired after long day but thoroughly enjoyable. Again Australia fails to amaze me, with yet another fabulous place to have visited..

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