Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Only two more hours left to Montezuma!

Going up a switchback in the dust.

Nice summer cabin!

Less than half way up the steps at Luna Llena!

Our view from the room!

The deck with common sink and bathroom at the end.

Last set of steps to the room!!!

Rox at the lower shower bathroom stall.

Just being safe, bug net! Not needed so far!

Breakfast here!

Breakfast cook.


Coco's beach bar.

Read the police.... LOL

This is a very loud, and large bugs, all over this place.

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Getting back to the basics for Rox!!

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The ride to Montezuma! Dusty, bumpy, steep and fun!

After one cab from Samara to Nicoya and one long bumpy bus ride we made it to Montezuma in about five hours. There was a 20 min lunch break along the way that was alright with us. The bus was full so all of our luggage had to go on the roof rack of the mini bus. This was a bit of a concern as we hoped the bags were tied on good! The bags made the trip but we followed one other bus along the dry dirt road to Montezuma so a lot of dust was blown on our bags. The trip was very scenic and it was a road we had not been on before. The bus came down the inside of the peninsula and through Tamor on its way to Montezuma. Most of the road was paved but one hour before Tambor and about fifteen min just before Montezuma, a big steep dirt hill drops int Montezuma. Bags are fine and it was good to have a shower and cold beer at our new home the Luna LLena Hotel. ** ph 26420390 We have a shared bathroom and showers. But there is never a wait and the place is full. We heard the bugs were bad so used the nets and spray the first night. We did not even see a bug! But we did wake up to a gecko on the wall. When we first walked into town everyone was watching as a pop truck was stuck on the main road and all traffic was at a grinding stop both ways. LOL After about 5 min I suggested we get some men and just move the car that was in the way. So we all got together and just bounced the back of the car that was in the way of the truck and we moved it two feet closer to the curb and the pop truck could pass. Boy did they thank me for the idea. Some people on the curbs even screamed and clapped. Good old Canadian trucking experience at work. Its super hot and just like Samara lots of cold beer and water are in order. The water in town dose not work all day as the town cuts it off to conserve. But there is lots of bottled and non drinkable to wash the dirt off the road. Food is good here and the drivers seem to be nice to walking people. In Samara look out cars first! ops Hotel is 40 bucks per night.... Brad

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