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Bet he has back problems!

Courting the Mrs. - no luck that we could see.

Suzie has a beau

We left Rancho Bernardo and drove I-5 through Los Angeles and its suburbs, and we are still all in one piece! Traffic was not bad, at least by LA standards, and we just tried to avoid the pot holes and keep going.

We got to our campground in Santa Paula, which is inland about 10 miles from Oxnard and Ventura (these towns are about 20 miles south of Santa Barbara on the coast). The site was great and we figured we might as well stay 2 days, our only surprise being the strange sounds we kept hearing around us. First they sounded like cats, then crows, then we realized they were peacocks and peahens - all over the place. The peacocks were just beautiful and we even saw one fly to the top of a tall pine - not easy with that huge tail they have. Funny thing about it, Suzie watched them, but really did not seem that interested. I'm not sure if she was afraid of them because of their size, or didn't figure they were real!

We went into Ventura and stopped at the visitor center for the Channel Island National Park. They had a great movie about the islands and an aquarium with alot of sea creatures native to the islands such as starfish, sea anemones, flounder, etc. They had a replica of an elephant seal which sure makes you do a double take - they stand taller than I am. Hopefully we will see them when we get north of San Simeon.

We drove back through Ojai, which is the "Shangri-La" of the movie Lost Horizons. It really is a beautiful area with alot of horse farms and beautiful wild flowers. There is a great resort there which we visited many years ago before it was renovated; now I'm afraid we would have to stay with the help.

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