40th Birthday Trip to Australia March 2010 travel blog

Hi All, This is so sad but i cant attach photos of the Whitsundays for ye because really I don't think I can talk about it to do it justice but I will try. These computers over here are a bit of a nightmare, some are too slow and others then wont leave you use the USB port... But anyway I will try and describe as good as I can. I had another free day in Cairns on Sunday because of Cyclone. It didn't hit anywhere near me but did hit Hamilton Island where I was supposed to be so thank god I wasn't there!! Didnt do too much on the Sunday in Cairns, found a shopping center but didn't do any damage as the bag is too heavy as ie, will wait till I get to Sydney and then be able to post stuff home!!! Got collected from hotel at 5.30 on Monday morning and headed for the airport, boarded tiny little plane at 7.30, a bit hairy but landed safely very near the water!!! Was brought to resort by bus and checked into a huge apartment, I was a bit lost in it on the 14th floor!! Went straight down to the Marina, what a beautiful sight all these huge really expensive yachts.. Had a coffee and a bit to eat and headed back to hotel. Decided to hire a golf buggy which everyone drives on the island. So I headed off for 3hrs driving around the island, which really only took 45 mins, tiny a bit like Jersey Noelle. But the scenery was unbelievable, I cant say enough about this place, it really is paradise. Once I get to Nuala's I will attach photos so you can all see for yourselfs,, Of course it lashed raining while I was out and about in my buggy so mum the mac in a sac came in very handy!!! It was so sad to see the destruction that the Cyclone had done but extraordinary the amount of holiday makers and locals trying to get the island back to normal again... I went for a swim in the pool and met a lovely guy from Melbourne who was there on holiday with his family. We got talking about football and he followed Charlton the team Setanta O"Halpin plays for so we were chatting for ages. They were there for the Cyclone and he said it was a frightening experience. They were all locked into there rooms at 8.00 at night and not allowed out till the morning. He said the cyclone hit at around 11.00 and it was very bad, then it stopped and everything went eerily quiet and they thought it was finished but it was only the eye of the storm and again it started and finished around 02.00. I must say thank god I wasn't there for it and thank god no-one got injured.. Went for a meal that night with that family at a local steak house and it was out of this world.. It started to rain that evening at 08.00 and never stopped till the morning!!!

Got flight at 2.45 from Hamilton Isalnd to Brisbane..

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