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After another day of driving, following all of the excitement in the morning, we arrived on the Arizona and Nevada border at Bullhead City on the Arizona side. The name Bullhead City came from the Bullhead Lake which was formed when they damed up the Colorado River bordering both states. Right across the river from Bullhead City is Laughlin, Nevada. A boom town built by casino's drawing citizens from both Arizona and California which is not far away. From the RV resort where we stay you can see the bright lights of the cansino's on the Nevada side of the river. We picked the RV park in Bullhead City because we have been there before. It is a great stop over place if traveling around the LA basin area to Barstow and over the Tehachpie Pass in I-40 to merve with I-5 north of LA. I have already seen enough of the LA area to last a lifetime without driving through again unless I have to.

Again we didn't do much other than watch some TV, read, and go to sleep. Then up again in the morning for another long drive.

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