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Some of you who travel I-10 may remember this sigh. I remember...

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Back in the deserts of the southwest again. Feels almost like home.

Again it was a long drive from Fort Stockton, Texas to Benson, Arizona. We go to the campground just outside of Benson in the early afternoon. Set up and kicked back. Watched a little TV and then hit the sac early again.

The next morning we were in for a supprise. While preparing to leave, Rita called me to come quick. By her voice I knew that something was wrong. I hurried to the back of the coach and there she was standing in the toilet with a fish hook imbeded in her left pinkie. That fish hook was connected to other line and spinners which was hooked to a valance on the window in the restroom. When we were in Ohio along the lake, I had found this really neat tangle of cool lures, hooks, and weights along the jetty. I thought it would add some character to the ocean theme we had going in our restroom in the coach so I picked it up. I didn't thing that it would be any problem hanging there except to attract interest of those who might be visiting the facilities. I had hooked all of the tackle into the valance and (assumed) it would stay. Well was I worng. It so happens that Rita was retrieving a roll of TP to reload the spool and passed her hand by the tackle and got hooked by the biggest hook in the bunch. One of those big old suckers one used for large fish like salmon. Well she of course was feeling kind of quisey and week in the knees. I had to think clearly and quickly or I would have had more than a fish hook to worry about. I ran into the kitchen which is pretty close in an RV and grabbed the scissors and cut the line. The hook was way too deep to pull out ourselves. Fortunately we were already hooked up and ready to go so I fired up the motorhome. At the gate I hailed one of the people who worked there and got directions to the nearest hospital emergency rooms. "Down through the middle of town and turn left at the Safeway." I had to keep Rita from looking at the big hook imbeded in her pinkie because every time she looked she got woosie. So I wrapped it in a dishtowel and told her not to look at it. We parked on the street in front of the hospital and rushed her in the door to the emergency room. At the desk they had just started their day and didn't seem to be in as much a hurry as I was. After giving them our insurance card and sitting in the waiting room for a few minutes they took her into a room. Needless to say when we told them that she had a hook in her pinkie we got all kinds of questions like. "Oh, you were fishing this morning." But when we said that no it happened in our bathroom. We got all kinds of wierd looks. Thus we had to relate our story over and over to explain the accident. Well the doctor finally got to it and was an old hand at removing hooks as there are a few fishing holes around Benson, AZ. He took it out while I watched. The nurse attending couldn't watch as well as Rita. She got a bandaid over the wound, a tetnis booster, and antibiotic pills to take and we were on the road again.

We got away a little late of course but we were determined to make the best of it and get across Arazona.

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