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The east entrance on I-10 into Texas. Get ready for a long...

Boy were we looking forward to more Lousianan Cajun cookin' on our move closer to Lafayette. We had already made plans to visit some of the local resturantes to enjoy the foods. We were also planning on going down to Avery Island the next day after we arrived to see the famous Tobasco Plantation. I have eaten Tobasco Pepper Sauce for as long as I can remember. I believe that we even had some arond the house when I was a child in Texas.

But fate had other planns for us. The evening we had arrived I received a call from Ken our friend who was getting our mail for us while gone. He told us that something was going on at our house becaue Becky went to water Rita's plants and only a trickle of water was coming from the faucet in the kitchen sink downstairs. Since it was late I told Ken to wait until the next morning to check it out. Well he went back to the house the next day and sure enough a pipe had broken in the upstairs wall next the guest bathroom and water was starting to flow out into the floor and down the walls. He immediately called the city and they came out and shut all the water off to the house. By then of course the damage was beginning to take place. Of course this all happened because our thermastat failed to reset the heat after a power failure a few nights before when the temperatures reached 7 degrees. I had it set for 55 degrees to keep the pipes from freezing. It must have been as cold as a freezer in the house for a few hours for the pipes to have frozen. Anyway a call from Ken the next morning made us decide that we had better fold up camp and make a run for home.

Our laid back treck across the US had to end at that point to take care of business at home. So we canceled our reservation where we were currently were staying and headed for Texas.

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