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Tuesday 2nd March – Day 52

We were woken this morning with a superb red sky, I jumped out of bed grabbed my camera and shot outside only to be met by a very humid atmosphere which immediately fogged up the lens on the camera, so I shot back in to get the cleaning cloth but it took ages to dry out the optics before I could get a decent photo by which time I had lost the best image; oh well we will have to be more alert in these hot humid areas.

Well we are now at sea sailing around the north east tip of Australia, the views of the barrier reef and the small glacier rock islands are a wonderful sight. We are at times only about 200m from the islands passing between the lighted markers which are guiding us through the barrier reef. It’s amazing to see such a large vessel making sharp turns as it wends its way through the barrier reef. A Captain John Foley has joined the ship on Saturday 27th February; he is a Great Barrier Reef Pilot who guides the ship through these complicated channels, he works in conjunction with our ship’s Captain Ian Walters, once clear he gets off, goes back and joins other ships wanting guidance through the Reef.

Temperature today (sorry) is 30c on deck travelling at 21 NMPH if we were stood still I should imagine it’s hotter still. (Sorry again)

This afternoon we went along to the Palladium to listen to a couple of the officers who gave us a PowerPoint presentation on the running of the bridge, very interesting and a talk that Stuart would appreciate being as he has run many a ship from the bridges of tankers.

We hope your weather is improving, doubt the temperature will get higher than ours!

Speak to you all later in the week.

Bill & Liz

PS. We are now 9 hours in front of you.

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