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After an emotional goodbye , Owen and I waved to Jim and Diane and headed out of Buckhorn Lake Resort to the entrance to I10 West, Owen drove for three hours before we stopped at a Rest Area and had lunch. So glad I made a pot of chicken soup - it hit the spot!

The weather was sunny and warm - a perfect day we thought for a long drive but this part of Texas has very hilly terrain - sometimes we went uphill for 5 minutes - getting 4 miles to a gallon of gas - and then downhill - getting 7 miles per gallon. The real killer today was the strong crosswinds. Owen did a magnificent job and we made it all the way to El Paso - almost 500 miles. We crossed over into Mountain Time which gave us an extra hour so we arrived at our campground at 6pm.

Hungry and anxious to explore El Paso, we unhooked the car and drove into the city for dinner. Owen selected Los Banditos and we enjoyed a very tasty Mexican meal. El Paso is a border town neighboring with Ciudad Juarez - ergo - Mexican food all over the place! This was my first stop in El Paso and I wouldn't recommend it. I never felt safe. Next time I would cross into New Mexico .

I hope we sleep well tonight . I am hoping the weather will be just as pleasant tomorrow with maybe less wind.

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