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Sign Says Where Pics are From

Major Temple at Xpujil

Closeup of Temple, Very Well Preserved

Some Inscriptions Visible

Looking Out Door Halfway Up - See Steps Nxt Pic

Steps Up to Door Halfway Up Temple

Another Shot of Narrow Steps Up (+Bons Feet!)

Backside of Central Temple Tower - See Detail Still Intact From 700ad

Distant Shot of Backside...Note Atypical Rounded Corners

Closeup of Temple, See Face of Earth Monster God Towards Top

In Xpujil: Slow to rise...went to local Xpujil ruins just across the road really, from Hotel Mirador Maya (see pics)

Xpujil Info

After a leisurely but somewhat greasy egg brkfst, took a combi taxi to Chetumal and from bus station where he dropped us we walked 4-5 blocks to a camione/bus stop. Taxi drivers insisted at bus station that the only way we could get downtown was by taxi, of course...they are the same worldwide, the lying SOBs! I think I could count on one hand the number of nice, helpful taxi drivers we've encountered. There must be some taxi union that trains these guys to be totally dishonest without cracking a smile or sounding deceitful!

Anyway, got to Hotel Umul...huge place near the Maya Cultural Museum, lots of room and the pool is not scummy as the LP says, looks quite clean. We took a room for 250p w/ TV hoping to watch some Olympics or a movie (they promised there were a lot of English movie channels). Well, coverage of Olympics was in Spanish and poor at that, and the selection of movies in English wasn´t so hot either. Still, it was worth it to hang for a day, wash clothes and just take it easy...getting a bit ¨ruined¨ you might say (pun intended)!

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