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United Flight 93 Memorial

Memorial Fence

List of names

Fort Ligonier built in 1758

Cheryl in front of protective barricade

Lots of cannons

Sentry Box

Inside the walls of the fort

Living quarters

Inside the living quarters

Officers Dining Hall

General Montgumery planning his moves

General Forbes was ill in his quarters

Indian dwelling

Our lovely rainy weather on the green hills of PA


Today we went for a short tour of the area. It turned out to be very emotional. We went to the United flight 93 Memorial from 9/11. Right now it is a temporary memorial but they intend to build a permanent one. It brought tears to my eyes to see the photo's of the passengers and crew and all of the items hung on a fence in memory.

There were numerous plaques from fire and police agencies as well as numerous Elks Lodges. There are many personal items left there as well. We arrived just as a military attack helicopter made a slow circle over the site. The memorial is approx. 1/2 mile from the actual crash site. The crater created was only about 30 feet across but they dug out debris down to 40'. They said the largest item recovered would fit in the back of a pickup.

Next we visited Fort Ligonier which was built in 1758. History is so much more interesting when you are right here where it took place. The fort was one of several built during the "Indian Wars" between the English and French. They have done a fantastic job of replicating the living and working conditions at the time, showing how the officers still had very good meals with proper linens, plates, silverware, etc. There was also a lot of information about young George Washington.

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