Larry & Cheryl's 2006 Travels travel blog

Welcome to Pennsylvania

Lots of hills in PA

Bridge over Monogahela River

Crossing the Monogahela River

Forests line Pennsylvania Hwy 70

Steep grades up and down the hills

Allegany Overlook

Lovely old Post Office building in Bedford, PA

Friendship Village Campground's lake

So pretty along the lake in the RV park

We walked around the lake enjoying the view

Cheryl & Gidget by the lake

One of the local residents

Well today we made it to Bedford, PA. We were driving in the rain most of the day but I guess I'm almost used to it now. I don't recall ever hitting so many 10% grades in my life. It sure makes the down hills exciting and the up hills very boringly slow. We took a side route here, which was a little 2 lane road, instead of an Interstate. It was very scenic but demanded most of my attention. Diesel is up to $2.999 around here.

We are going to stay in Friendship Village RV Park untill Monday morning and then go into our destination for Cheryl's nephews wedding. It is very pretty here and is adjacent to a historical park where they dress in period costumes and display crafts of the era. However it is before season, so it's not open.

It is forecast to rain through the weekend. We do have WIFI at our rig here so that makes it a little more bearable while being rained in.

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