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Welcome to - oops! - Ohio

Columbus Ohio in the rain

Passing through Columbus

Old & new in Columbus

Lovely church spire

Ohio CAT dealer

Larry's birthday in Cracker Barrel

Approaching the Ohio River

The Ohio River, a tributary of the Mississippi

Welcome to West Virginia

I try to photograph the "Welcome to..." signs for the states as we cross the state lines, but sometimes it's difficult (photos taken through the windshield). When we were coming into Ohio, we saw the sign coming up, but there was a big truck in front of us and the road was really bumpy. After I snapped the shot and looked at it, the sign says "Welcome to O" (oops!).

We passed Columbus, OH today along Interstate 70, in the rain. Lots of tall buildings, big city. We saw a CAT dealer from the highway, gotta get a picture of it. We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It was warm & cozy on a cold rainy day. I was able to tell our server that it was Larry's Birthday, so after our meal the staff came out with a little cupcake and a cheery birthday song.

Today we are staying just east of Wheeling, WV. This upper portion of the state is only about 15 miles wide, so don't blink! We crossed the Ohio River today in the rain. We are planning to continue into PA as we can enjoy camping in the mud there just as easily as here. They say the sun may come out next week. We heard something on the news about this being the worst rains in 70 years. We sure miss the nice mild climate we left behind. If by chance we see the sun, there is some historical sights to see here.

The scenery has been pretty, and we have taken some side trips off of the main highway. I did notice that Ohio is not lacking for funds for their law enforcement as we saw a highway patrolman approximately every 5 to 7 miles. Diesel prices are up to $2.879 here. We are having a little more difficulty understanding the locals (bit of a drawl) when they reply to our questions. I was surprised this afternoon when we took a short drive back into the woods here in West Virginia to see how some people live. Larry says, wait till I see Alabama & Mississippi.

The main thing I've noticed about the houses is the construction materials. Since Missouri, I think all the houses are made of red brick (especially southern Illinois and St. Louis). Through Ohio, the 2 story houses seem taller & thinner than 2 story houses elsewhere. We've not gone on any highways that go directly through major cities (the GPS takes us on "loop" highways that go around the big cities), but in the older, more urban areas, the poor areas of town are obvious. Some old buildings are in such disrepair, it's sad. Other areas, they are in the process of restoring them to their original beauty.

Oh, and one more difference - the restaurants we've visited, still have Smoking and NonSmoking sections (yuck!). One more reason not to eat out very much - saves us money.

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